Attractive Stranger Hot Girl!® Hoodie

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We recently partnered up with The CRay Project, a super dope creative company out of Long Beach, CA. 20% of our HOT GIRL® sales will be donated to the CRay Project and their community arts initiative. We are artists supporting artists. Grab your Hot Girl merch and join our movement! Follow the CRay Project online at

As a thank you for your support, a 20% off discount code will automatically be applied at checkout.

A note from our partner:

The CRay Project is a movement that provides a platform for Artists of Color to showcase their creative work on issues impacting their communities. We believe empowerment is a community effort and encourage Artists to produce multifaceted work, that is both educational and uncensored. Our ultimate goal is to nurture a culture of improving Urban communities through art. Donations will be used to curate  opportunities for young raising artist, from professional development classes, creative workshops, wellness seminars and allowing them a safe space to create, as well as support CRayProject and other artists that have been affected by COVID-19. We cannot do this alone so we are asking for your support as a community. Let's all pull together- Harambee!!!

🚫 Never machine dry

• 50% cotton, 50% polyester
• Double-lined hood